Thursday, December 15, 2005

visual accruity

The visual is important to a graphic designer. every element has to pleasing to the eye. its hard to go somewhere or do something that isnt pleasing to these two eyes. this sounds superficial...maybe it is, but a designers life is how things look and how intuitive and simple they are. How can you make something more elegant. more simplistic. more functional. and more rich in the details. My car is VW, not because of many other reasons than it looks Euro and has blue gauges. Something else it has, when you open the back gate the gate opens parallel to the top antennae. Thats a cool detail. Thats also why i have a powerbook, a fancy phone, and quality clothes... though i never try to pay full price for any of it its rewarding to be around things made by designers i admire. Maybe i can imbue it into my own work.