Wednesday, December 21, 2005

political persuasion

We had a discussion tonight of what was the best way to participate in the democratic process... should you vote, even though you wont research really who you want to vote for and just go on superficial persuasion to decide? I mean, isn't not knowing enough of the truth why Bush was elected in the first place?

Is it better to not bother to vote if you arent going to bother to make an informed decision?

My recommendation is that everyone come up with a platform that he/she can create in an off election year. Look how the parties stand on some common issues and all personalities and propaganda aside, decide what your core beliefs are. Then just apply that to any vote that comes up, taking the time once to really reflect on who you are can help your choices reflect a consistent vision of where you want this country to go... even if you are a but one lone voice... perhaps repetition with consistency will strengthen your voice.