Monday, December 12, 2005


Lots of interesting debate today surrounding the execution of Tookie Williams. This man started the Crypts in LA, as well as killed 4 people. However, I believe he should not be put to death, because the entire state of California will be doing to him what he did to others.

Many other arguments against the death penalty:
1. Its NOT a deterrent for crime. Criminals live in fear of death on the streets every day.
2. Logic follows if commit a murder, I COULD be put to death. However, most crimes are heat of the moment, when there is no logic or reason in your mind.
3. Cost: It costs taxpayers MORE to put someone to death than keep them in prison for life.

Would i feel this way if it were my own child that was killed? I HOPE so... but that isnt the point. The point is the state shouldn't exact revenge for me, as i would be in heat of passion as much as he was. All this, yet still 2/3s of people are FOR revenge killings (im sorry, capital punishment). I agree the governor probably shouldn't have stayed the execution... the problem is that the death penalty exists in the first place. They even called his killings 'execution style'.... but isn't that exactly what we are doing to him?

Larry King brought up consistency of your beliefs. I think its funny that i think kids can be murdered before they are born but adults cannot be, even after they commit a horrible crime. Conservatives are the opposite. Conservatives say abortion is 'playing God' and as one writer put it "abortion is the one way the right DOESNT like killing people."

So all i have to say is, sorry Tookie on behalf of the state. God please forgive us for judging and killing one of yours. Are we playing God now?